Textures in Interior Design

Whenever you want to make your space look beautiful, visually appealing, and enchanting, texture comes into the picture. It is regarded as a complementary foundation of interior design that helps to fabricate seamless space that ignites beautiful composition and designs in your room.
So let us understand the meaning and concept of texture in interior design. It refers to the surface quality of a material. For example, take your winter shawl out, and it must be smooth, woven, and embellished. Yes, that’s called texture. On similar lines, texture in interior design helps to dictate how a room feels at first glance. It will have a powerful impact on the tone and visual weight of your room.

Hence, the texture is a pivotal part of interior design. Many times, it is often overlooked and seems to be forgotten about, but it has a magical power to add depth and beauty it can add to a room. If you want your room to pop and be the centre of attraction for all your visitors, you cannot miss adding texture when designing a new interior scheme.